How to Fix Gutters That Overflow

Mar 31, 2021

Newly installed seamless gutters on a homeYour gutters serve an important purpose for your home, protecting it from potentially expensive damage. When flowing rainwater is left unchecked, it can not only harm your home’s foundation but also its landscaping, soffit, fascia, and more. With an efficient gutter system installed, any rainwater on your roof will flow into the gutters, through the downspouts, and safely away from your home. However, even if your home currently has a gutter system installed, it might not be providing the level of protection you’re assuming it is.

Are Your Gutters Performing as They Should?

If you’ve noticed that your gutters are overflowing during heavy rains, there’s likely an issue that needs to be dealt with promptly. Possible causes could include:

Poor Positioning

If your gutters were installed incorrectly, they might not be positioned to catch all of the rainwater as it flows down your roof. If your gutters are tilted away from your home, they can overflow during heavy rains. Likewise, if they are installed at too steep of a pitch, they might not be able to handle the water flow.

Gutters That Are Too Small

If your gutters were installed correctly and everything appears to be in working order, yet they’re still overflowing, they might not be large enough. If heavy rains routinely cause your gutters to overflow, you might want to consider upgrading them with a larger option.


The most likely culprit when gutters are overflowing is a clog. If you don’t have a protection system on your gutters, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris can easily enter your gutters and cause a backup. Additionally, there’s always a chance of wildlife getting inside unprotected gutters and building a nest.

Fixing These Issues

L<eaves flowing over a gutter protected by gutter guardsIf your gutters are large enough and properly installed but getting clogged by debris, one option is to climb a ladder every so often to clean them out. However, this is obviously not an ideal option, and you might be better off having a gutter protection system installed. If your issues are being caused by gutters that are too small, you could choose to have new gutters that feature a built-in protection system installed on your home.

High-Performance Gutter Systems

If it’s time to upgrade your home’s gutters, look to the trusted gutter installation experts at Larson Home Services. Since 2001, we’ve been providing comprehensive gutter repair and replacement services to homeowners throughout the Madison, Wisconsin area. We’re the exclusive regional distributor of Gutter Shutter gutter systems, which feature a built-in protective hood that eliminates the risk of clogs. Our seamless gutters are made from heavy-gauge aluminum and feature high-end crown molding for an appealing aesthetic. Using principles of liquid adhesion, Gutter Shutter gutters are able to handle up to 20% more water flow than traditional residential gutters.

Would you like additional information about our gutter installation services? If so, contact Larson Home Services today to schedule a consultation at your home in Madison, WI, or a surrounding community.

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