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Sealing and Insulating a Whole House Fan

Fifty years ago, before central air conditioners became the norm for cooling US homes, whole house fans were used for that purpose. Installed on the uppermost levels of the house, they were actually big exhausters, which would suck hot air fro...
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Insulating A Bay Window Sill

The average home in the U.S. consumes 2 to 3 times more energy than needed, mainly because of insufficient insulation and lack of proper air sealing. These building envelope deficiencies are usually originated during construction. Whether it i...
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How to Install an Airtight Hatch Cover

Welcome to episode 65 of the On the Job Series! In this segment, Tanner Janesky from Dr. Energy Saver makes his video debut by walking us through the 8 steps necessary to successfully install an airtight David Lewis attic hatch cover. As di...
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The Stack Effect

If you've been watching videos or reading articles about home energy efficiency, you most likely heard or saw the term "stack effect" used several times. Building scientists are always very concerned with the stack effect and how it impacts en...
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Sealing Doors and Windows To Stop Drafts

In the 58th episode of On the Job, Larry Janesky, owner and founder of Dr. Energy Saver helps us understand the importance of sealing the “shim space” around door and windows in order to eliminate drafts that make our homes uncomfortable and o...
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Air Sealing and Insulating Can Lights

Can lights (or recessed lights) became so popular in recent years that many new homes these days are built with them, so they are already installed when the homeowners move in. Compared to other common overhead features, can lights are easi...
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