Air Sealing and Insulating a Conventional Attic

Dec 10, 2020

The energy conservation experts at Dr. Energy Saver first look into the attic when helping improve a home’s energy efficiency, because a properly insulated and air sealed attic is the main component of a green home!

Larry Janesky, owner and president of Dr. Energy Saver, explains how the “stack effect” can make an uninsulated attic a huge source of energy loss. Heated air from the conditioned space rises and escapes through the vents in the attic. As a result, air from the outside is sucked in from the lower parts of the building, forcing the heating and cooling system to work harder to keep the temperatures comfortable.

Dr. Energy Saver air seals the space to prevent air from the conditioned areas from leaking into the attic. Insulation is then added to raise the R-Value up to the U.S. Department on Energy’s recommended values for each particular region. In the cold northeast, for example, attics should have at least an R-60 for insulation.

The insulation material and method of application varies according to each case. In most homes, blown cellulose is the preferred method although lose-fill fiberglass insulation can also be used. It is a good idea to insulate HVAC ducts that run through unconditioned attics to prevent heat loss. Spray foam can be used to insulate and seal gaps in ductwork. Attics that are used for storage or housing utilities can also be conditioned and insulated with Dr. Energy Saver’s SuperAttic™ System.

Are your heating and cooling bills high? Is your home wasting energy? Do you experience uneven and uncomfortable temperatures throughout the house? Call Dr. Energy Saver for a comprehensive home energy evaluation and let us show you how we can make your home healthier, more comfortable and affordable to own!

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