DIY Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Mar 18, 2016

Garden Gnome tucked in among garden plants

Image via Hans Splinter on Flickr

Looking to spruce up your outdoor landscape this season? This is a perfect way to show off your personality and style as a homeowner. That’s why we’re providing you with a variety of fun and interesting projects that homeowners can do to make the outside of their homes more interesting and appealing. These are easy DIY projects that can really add value and visual appeal to your yard.

1. Add depth and dimension. To guide the eye in many different directions, incorporate beautiful garden ornaments that are both functional and decorative. This Old House recommends adding a simple wrought-iron gate to mark the entrance to your garden, highlighted by a tree-hung lantern and a curved bench for inspiration. By adding visual depth and interest, the eye is drawn in many different directions for a subtlety that is appreciated.

2. Levels with pots and pedestals. When you keep potted plants and beds down at ground level, you’re missing out on enjoying their aesthetics and aromas. Bring them up to eye level by putting them into eclectic clay pots on a variety of pedestals to add depth. You can save money by finding those clay pots at yard sales for a steal. Pick up some succulents like aeoniums, senecios, agaves and echeverias to bring your favorite blooms to life, highlighted by a shabby chic wood table in the middle of it all.

3. Recycle potting station. Got a green thumb? Want to flaunt it? Cultivate your passion for gardening by placing a repurposed workbench in your garden patio area to use as a potting station. Wrap your outdoor furnishings, such as patio chairs, with botanical fabrics while decorating the space with potted geraniums and impatiens, along with flower-shaped accessories to bring the whole look together.

4. Get back to your Zen. Complement your outdoor oasis with calming DIY water features amidst a quaint garden for a hypnotic experience. HGTV recommends a bold, eye-catching color such as orange or blue featuring a bamboo spout to blend in with the natural surroundings. Water lilies added to the surrounding pond will help regulate temperature and prevent the growth of algae. You don’t need a fancy fountain complete with pumps and filters. All you need are several small pots with water featuring decorative stones and water plants for effect. Add irregular-shaped stepping stones across the pond for a touch of whimsy. Glue cracked or broken ceramic pieces in a mosaic pattern onto flower pots for increased visual appeal.

Your landscape should be decorative, but it also has to be functional. A good roof and gutter system will go a long way toward ensuring your property operates at peak capacity. Get in touch with Larson Home Services if you’re looking to add new gutters or a new roof to your home this season.

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