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Insulation Installation Madison WIIf you’ve noticed that your home in Madison, Wisconsin, or Rochester, Minnesota struggles to stay warm in winter or cool in summer, it might be time to check your attic. Often, insufficient or deteriorating insulation is the culprit behind uncomfortable indoor temperatures and rising energy costs. As dedicated attic insulation contractors, Larson Home Services offers professional solutions that tackle these issues head-on, enhancing your home’s efficiency and comfort. Don’t let old insulation undermine your living environment—let us help you make your space more energy-efficient.

Home Attic Insulation Installation Experts

Many insulation companies will take the easy route and simply add more insulation on top of whatever’s already in your attic. This can cause numerous problems. First, if the old insulation has any mold, water damage, or other deterioration, leaving it in place simply covers up problems that will emerge again down the line. Additionally, just topping up your insulation may not address the root of the issue—air gaps in the attic floor that inhibit the effectiveness of any amount of insulation.

At Larson Home Services, we do things differently. We’ll completely remove the old insulation and start fresh from the attic floor. This allows us to properly air-seal your attic before the new insulation is installed. Then, we’ll carefully install the new insulation in the appropriate places and at the appropriate levels to ensure optimal thermal efficiency. As the experts in everything from the attic up, we are the insulation contractor you can rely on for your attic insulation installation.

Is Your Insulation Working as it Should?

If you are wondering if you have adequate insulation in your attic, Andrew will share some helpful expert tips to help you decide if it’s time to contact our certified insulation installation team.

Superior Insulation Contractors near Madison, WI & Rochester, MN

Larson Home Services is proud to be a Dr. Energy Saver certified insulation installer. This means we possess the specialized skills and expertise to install Dr. Energy Saver cellulose insulation in your home. Cellulose insulation offers superior thermal efficiency and is also fire-retardant. If your home experiences a fire, this insulation will help slow the spread of flames throughout the attic and roof.

When you choose Larson Home Services for your attic insulation installation, you can be confident that you’ll receive both top-of-the-line insulation products and exceptional installation services. To get started on an attic insulation installation project at your home in or near Madison, WI, contact Larson Home Services today.

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