Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

May 30, 2019


Family enjoying a backyard cookout

Summer is finally here! Want to spend more time soaking up the summer sun but your backyard is looking a little boring and in need of a little TLC. Keep reading for a few helpful tips to spruce up your backyard and get it ready for some family fun time. It will look so inviting that even your neighbors will want to hang out, hmm hope that’s a good thing.

1. Take care of the green stuff. It doesn’t have to cost a ton of green to take care of the grass. When your grass is cut regularly, free of weeds and of course hydrated it automatically brings the family outdoors. It becomes a perfect place to do cartwheels, play games and just relax. The best time to cut the grass is in the late morning when the sun has had some time to dry it out from any dew or rain. Also, try not to cut the grass in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is at its highest and hottest point. This is not good for you OR your grass.

Russel Terrier pulling a toy wagon with a watering can across lawn

2. Plant something pretty. Choose a few of your favorite colors to add to your well-manicured lawn. If tearing up a fresh spot of grass is intimidating that’s ok, you can choose a few larger pots to add to each side of the deck or patio. If you don’t usually have a green thumb here are a few plants that will go easy on you. Sunflowers – They are easy for kids to help with and easy to grow. Aquilegias – They are easy to grow and will come back year after year. California Poppys – Not only are they easy to grow but they don’t need a lot of water.

Two toddlers working with a wheelbarrow and planting

3. Add the perfect place to gather. Here comes the fun part, the part where you can really get creative. Of course, you can grab the perfect picnic table from your local home improvement store but you can also find some things to repurpose. There really is a ton of options when picking the perfect place for your family to gather. Whether it’s to eat a light summer lunch or enjoy an evening fire with smores, the choices are endless. For this option, we wanted to share a link that will get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy… 25 Easy And Cheap Backyard Seating Ideas

Table with watermelon slices and a flower bouquet

Hope these fun tips will help you get your backyard ready for summer fun! Don’t forget, the perfect addition to a beautiful yard is a beautiful home exterior. A quick power wash will get your siding look fresh and new and a new roof and gutter system can be the finishing touch. Check out more information on the Gutter Shutter Gutter System or a new GAF Lifetime Roof at LarsonHomeServices.com


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