Front Yard Landscaping Nightmares: A Cautionary Tale

Oct 17, 2016

Bad landscaping is sort of like bad fashion. We are not always able to describe it, but we know what it is when we see it. At Leafguard, we are experts at making sure your home is protected against mother nature, but we also want to protect against neighborhood ridicule. Here are 8 landscaping DO NOTS that will go a long way in preventing a front yard landscaping nightmare.

DO NOT Display Too many Lawn Ornaments

You would think this would be an easy one, but we see it all too often. For some reason people cannot resist collecting and displaying “cute” yard knick-knacks. Done correctly, a few creatively placed yard ornaments can be charming and add to the overall look of your front yard. Done incorrectly, people will start to ask if you are running an antique shop on your front yard.

Lawn Ornaments

Image via crownasia.com

DO NOT Plant in the Wrong Place

This one is really, really important. It involves that you know your yard and that you know what you are planting. When designing your front landscaping make sure that you are taking into consideration how much sunlight each area of your yard gets and plant accordingly. Do your research and make sure you read what type of sunlight each plant needs. This mistake is easily avoided by taking the time to not how much sun your yard gets.

DO NOT Cut Your Grass Too Short

What might seem like a way to save time and energy, cutting your grass too short can have negative consequences for your front lawn. The shorter you cut your yard, the greater the chances of weeds becoming a problem. If you are cutting your grass too short, chances are it tends to look brown and unhealthy. 3.5 to 4 inches is the general rule of thumb. A good thick front lawn will go a long way in preventing any landscaping nightmares.

DO NOT, Not Plan Ahead

Too many landscaping mistakes are made as a result of poor planning. Make sure you do your research. Take a walk around your neighborhood to get some ideas. Search online and pinpoint the flowers and or bushes you like. Landscaping is not the time for impulsivity.

DO NOT Prune Your Trees and Bushes Incorrectly

There are a lot of pruning rules, so make sure you read up on all of the details, but here are a few general rules of thumb, when it coming to trees and bushes.

  • Prune plants at a time when flowering or fruiting is not affected. Prune spring flowering plants/shrubs after they bloom. Prune summer or repeat-blooming plants in the winter.
  • Remove branches in a way that does not strip any of the bark off your trees and shrubs. Do not leave stubs!
  • Make sure that you DO prune your shrubs. Overgrown shrubs can be an eyesore and overshadow your otherwise beautiful landscaping.

DO NOT Plant Too Much of the Same Plant

Yes, we all have our favorites. Some like a certain color, others enjoy the scent of a specific flower. So while we want you to make sure to include your favorites, don’t over do it!! Variety is the key to planting that flower bed or that window box. A good idea for your front yard landscaping is to have some flowers that bloom in spring and some throughout the summer.

DO NOT Let Weeds Go Wild

I am not sure if there is anyone out there who enjoys removing weeds from your garden or flower garden, but it’s a necessary chore. Letting the weeds win is not an option if you want to keep your front lawn fresh.


Image via farmingthesprawl.com

DO NOT Do Nothing

All landscaping projects have their risks. You will never have a guarantee that your front yard will look the exact way you want it to look. BUT doing nothing is often the worst decision that you can make. Yes, you may plant a flowerbed that just might not look the best, but the beauty of a flowerbed or window box is that you can try again next year.

Empty Yard

Image via hometalk.com