How To Install an Indoor Hammock Chair

Dec 20, 2016

Hammock ChairIt hasn’t been winter for long, but at LeafGuard of Madison, we already miss the warm weather. And maybe you have a winter beach vacation planned, but it could be a while before you can enjoy the comfort of the outdoors. So here is an idea. Bring that outdoor patio feel indoors by installing a comfy-cozy hammock inside your home! Grab a book, cue the sound of crashing waves, and forget about the sub-zero temperatures outside. But first, hanging that hammock.

What you will need:

  • Stud finder
  • Drill – ¼” drill bit
  • 7/16” x 3” eye hook – â…œ” spring link
  • chain or rope to hang the hammock

Step 1 – Deciding on Where to Hang Your Indoor Hammock Chair

Install a Swinging Hammock Chair

First, you need to find the ideal location for your hammock chair. A cozy corner seems the ideal choice for a hammock chair, but this decision is going to be up to you and how your room is set up. Once you’ve found that ideal spot, you’ll want to decide how to hang it.

There are two main ways to hang your hammock chair: pivot style (on left) vs. swing style (right). The pivot style allows you to rotate and gently drift as you relax. It also is a bit easier to hang, because it only requires a single anchor point. On the other hand, your swing style can obviously, um… swing.

Image via yellowleafhammocks.com

Step 2 – Find and Mark the Stud

Use your stud finder and locate a ceiling joist or internal beam. Make sure you use a pencil to mark both sides of the joist. It is extremely important that you drill into the middle of the joist or beam. Mark it clearly.

HowTo Install a Hanging Hammock Chair Indoors - Image 3

Image via ehow.com

Step 3 – Drill a Hole for the Eye Hook(s)

Once you have your spot marked and feel confident about it, take your ¼” drill bit and your drill and make that hole. The hole should be at least 2″ deep. It is also important to keep your drill as vertical as possible so that your eye hook is straight.

Step 4 – Screw in the Eye Hook(s)

Once you have your hole drilled, it’s time to screw in your eye hook. You should be able to use your muscles and start the eye hook screw. As it gets a bit more difficult, grab a pliers to get a bit more leverage.

Ceiling Hook

Image via ehow.com

Step 5 – Measure and Attach the Hammock Chair

Once your eye hook is inserted, take measurements so that you know how much chain or rope you will need. You should make sure that your hammock chair sits no lower than 20″ from the ground. Once you have the right amount of chain/rope, attach it to your spring link and hook onto the eye hook. Measure how close the bottom of your chair is to the ground and make sure it’s no lower than 20″.

Step 6 – Check for Safety

Now, slowly apply some weight to your hammock. Do not test your hammock by jumping right in, but ease in. Give a couple of quick tugs on your chain/rope to make sure it will hold. If everything seems ok, move to step seven.

Step 7 – Relax and Enjoy!

Now that you have a hammock chair in your home, who needs summer?!? You may have to fight your family over who gets to sit in the hammock, but now that it’s there, everyone should get a chance to relax. Or maybe the hammock is in the kids’ room and they love it so much they will leave you alone and give you some quiet time. Either way, your winter just got a little bit more relaxing.