Insulating a Commercial Building with Spray Foam

Dec 10, 2020

Dr. Energy Saver was called out to help the owner of a commercial building cut down on heating and cooling expenses, by making the building more energy efficient. This particular structure was fully built with metal, and as we all know, metal is the most thermally conductive material in existence. The building did have an estimated R-11 layer of fiberglass insulation applied to the walls, but since the bats were pinched around the beams, the R-Value in these areas was close to zero. That creates gaps in the insulation blanket where the potential for energy loss is very high. To make matters worse, the structure was also very leaky. Dr. Energy Saver energy conservation specialists solved this problem by applying a thick layer of spray foam insulation on top of the existing fiberglass batches. The spray foam expands when applied, closing thermal gaps around the beams and air sealing the whole structure.

Whether it is commercial or residential building, Dr. Energy Saver will always evaluate each job individually and thoroughly, and design a customized energy saving solution to give customers the best results per dollar invested. If you want to save energy and lower your energy bills, give Dr. Energy Saver a call today!

“I was most satisfied with the courtesy of the installers, and the quality of their work. They were clean about their work, they left as though they weren’t even here.”

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