Insulating Concrete Ceilings Under Porches

Dec 10, 2020

On this episode of the “On the Job” series, Larry Janesky — owner and founder of Dr. Energy Saver — and his team of home energy experts tackle comfort issues in this home by addressing basement insulation located in the rooms beneath this home’s porch.

The porch outside features a thick concrete slab, paved with stones. Underneath that slab, lie three different, unfinished rooms: two utility rooms and a wine cellar. All of these rooms are linked to the main, finished basement area, used as additional living space, but because they lack insulation, they suffer from cold winters and large energy losses. Heat from the finished area constantly escapes through the cold, un-insulated ceiling in these rooms.

Using a thermal imaging scanner, Larry demonstrates just how cold these rooms can become. The experts of Dr. Energy Saver decided to stop this particular heat loss by insulating the ceiling and walls with spray foam. Spray foam is a versatile material, providing both insulating and air sealing properties and is a perfect solution for working around wiring and plumbing. Spray foams’ expansive property allows it to fill every gap and crack it covers, while allowing greater thermal protection with thinner layers of foam.

Spray foam releases some fumes during the application, so crews must wear protective gear, and everyone in the home must temporarily vacate the premises. Pets need to be removed as well. The home is soon safe to be occupied again, 2 hours after the application.

After the job in each of the rooms is finished, Larry once again uses the thermal scanner to show the temperature differences between the newly insulated ceilings and the remaining one. While the unfinished room ceiling was just as cold as the slab outside, the newly insulated ceilings were an average of 20 degrees warmer!

Twenty degrees of comfort can also make a big difference in this homeowners heating and cooling bills!

If you have drafty, uneven temperatures from room-to-room in your hosue, call Dr. Energy Saver today, for a free consultation! We make homes, more comfortable and energy-efficient every day with our customized and affordable energy solutions.

For more energy saving tips and information, visit our website or watch more episodes of the “On the Job” video series.

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