Keeping Your Home Cooler with a Radiant Barrier

Dec 10, 2020

On the Job in Florida, Larry Janesky, President and Owner of Dr. Energy Saver, installed a radiant barrier in an attic to make this homeowner’s home more comfortable and to help reduce the cooling bills.

Florida’s warm sun causes most roofs, which absorb the sun’s heat, to get really hot. That heat is then transferred to the attic where it can reach scorching temperatures as high as 140 degrees! When the attic, like this one, stores the air ducts, the 55-degree air in the ducts is surrounded by the 140-degree heat before it reaches the living space– making the air conditioner work much harder than needed to keep the house cool and comfortable.

To help relieve the burden on this homeowner’s air conditioner unit, Dr. Energy Saver opted for installing a radiant barrier in the attic. A radiant barrier reflects the sun heat from the roof and helps the attic remain at least 20 degrees cooler. This will make the whole house feel cooler and the air conditioner will work more efficiently.

Regardless of regional climate and how drastic the seasonal changes are in your area, your local Dr. Energy Saver home energy conservation expert will always have the perfect solution to make your home comfortable and energy efficient year round! Give us a call!

“I was most satisfied with the courtesy of the installers, and the quality of their work. They were clean about their work, they left as though they weren’t even here.”

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