Expert Insulation Installation Services Available to La Crosse, WI, Homeowners

Attic filled with blown-in insulationIf you’re trying to make your home as energy efficient as possible, have you given any thought to your attic? While windows and doors usually lead the conversation about home improvement upgrades that improve thermal efficiency, a well-insulated attic is equally important. That’s because your home’s heating and cooling system will have to work extra hard to maintain a comfortable temperature if it’s constantly battling against an attic that’s too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter.

If you’re not convinced that your attic is properly air-sealed and insulated, look to Larson Home Services. We’re attic insulation installation specialists that offer top-of-the-line options to homeowners throughout the La Crosse, Wisconsin, area. We like to say that we’re “experts from the attic up,” and we’ve been providing energy-efficient solutions since 2001.

Our Insulation Installation Services

Many local insulation companies rely on fiberglass batts or roll insulation, but we offer a unique product—Tru-Soft™ blown-in cellulose insulation. Containing up to 85% recycled paper, Tru-Soft cellulose insulation creates a tight thermal barrier that can greatly reduce heating and cooling costs. While fiberglass insulation often leaves gaps and voids that hurt performance, blown-in cellulose insulation provides even coverage. What’s more, Tru-Soft insulation is treated with fire retardants that give it an exceptional Class 1 fire safety rating.

Would you like additional information about the insulation installation services we offer to homeowners throughout the La Crosse, WI, area? If so, contact Larson Home Services today and we’ll visit your home to provide a free estimate.

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