Professional Attic Insulation Installation Services for Edgerton, WI, Homeowners

cellulose insulation between the beams in an atticOne day, as you walk from one bedroom to another in your home, you notice that there’s a distinct temperature difference between the two rooms. And you’ve also noticed a cool draft in the hallway. While these may seem like minor details, they could be a sign that your home is under-insulated. That means your home probably isn’t heating and cooling efficiently, and you’re wasting energy and money. At Larson Home Services, we know the importance of a properly insulated home. We offer top-quality attic insulation installation to homeowners in Edgerton, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Proper Home Insulation

It’s easy to forget about your home insulation because it’s not something you look at every day. But it plays a vital role in your home’s thermal efficiency. Some of the benefits you’ll notice when you have a properly insulated home include:

  • A more comfortable home – You’ll have less temperature fluctuation, and it will be easier for your heating and cooling systems to keep your home at the proper temperature.
  • Lower energy bills – Less work for your HVAC unit means less power used and lower bills. Everyone likes that!
  • Lower noise levels – Beyond just helping your home’s energy efficiency, proper insulation also works as a sound absorber, so you’ll hear less external noise.
  • Improved health – Believe it or not, proper insulation can impact the air quality in your home. Old insulation can become moldy and add pollutants to your air, as well as attract mice and other pests. New, clean insulation is healthier for everyone in your home.

At Larson Home Services, we always remove your old insulation and air seal your attic before adding new cellulose insulation. The result is an airtight attic with the proper amount of insulation for optimal thermal efficiency.

Let’s Get Insulated!

Contact Larson Home Services today for a free quote on attic insulation installation for your Edgerton, WI, home. At Larson Home Services, we’re experts from the attic up!

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