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Winters in central Wisconsin can be brutal. Your furnace works hard to keep your house warm and cozy, but lately, you’ve noticed that the temperature in your kitchen is much different from the temperature in your living room. In fact, each room feels a little different from the others. This is a sure sign that your home is under-insulated. Call Larson Home Services, your local insulation installation company. We can install new insulation in your home to help the HVAC system in your Waunakee, WI, home operate more efficiently.

Signs Your Home Is Under-insulated

When your home is under-insulated, there are usually some tell-tale signs that can let you know that it’s time for new insulation installation. Some of these signs include:

  • Fluctuating temperatures from room to room
  • Cold floors, ceilings, and walls
  • Cold drafts
  • Climbing energy bills
  • Ice dams on your roof
  • Water leaks in the attic
  • Freezing pipes

At Larson Home Services, we proudly use Tru-Soft™ blown-in cellulose insulation. Made from up to 85% recycled paper, this insulation provides even coverage to form a tight thermal barrier. It is also specially treated with fire retardants and has a Class 1 fire safety rating.

Rather than installing on top of your existing insulation, we remove old insulation and test your home for air leaks. Then, we air-seal your home before adding new insulation. The result is better coverage, no air leaks, and improved thermal performance for your home.

Contact Larson Home Services today, and we’ll visit your Waunakee, WI home to help you understand your insulation needs and provide a free estimate.

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